Cherry Yellow Tomato, Patio Choice

Name                     Patio Choice Red Cherry Tomato 

Botanical Name   Solanum lycopersicum

Family                    Solanaceae

Native to                Tomatoes are native to South America  



Water                      Moist

Sun                         Full sun

Soil                         Normal, loamy, well-drained


Height                    18"

Width                     18 - 20"

Space                     24" 



6" pots:  $3.50

Gallon root pouch: 5.00


Clay pots and planters:  Prices vary


Patio Choice Yellow tomato is a compact, disease resistant variety of tomato grown specifically for container gardening.  The plant produces over 100, half ounce fruits (about 1" in diameter) on short vines.  It really is perfect for patios or small gardens. 


  • It is also the 2017 AAS Winner (ALL AMERICAN SELECTIONS - founded in 1932) 

Will Tolerate &

Keeping in Going

  • Needs adequate water, especially when setting fruit

  • Tolerates heat and humidity

  • Tomatoes enjoy a little fertilizer.  Try an organic fish emulsion such as Neptune's Harvest. 

Won't Tolerate

  • Dry soil 

  • Cold temperatures slow growth and cause damage to roots. 

Points of Interest

  • Patio Choice Yellow Tomato grows very well in containers.  Its compact size makes it a nice choice for patios, balconies and small home gardens.  

  • Resists: Verticillium Wilt, Fusarium wilt and Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV)

  • Patio Choice Yellow Cherry Tomato is a determinate variety that flourishes in containers (10" optimum).

  • Selected as the 2017 AAS Winner which is a non-profit organization that introduces new and improved plant varieties to consumers.  The trial takes place throughout North American in a variety of climate zones and is conducted by impartial judges.  They only accept new and previously unsold varieties.

  • Did you know that ripe apples and bananas contain ripening agents?  To ripen green tomatoes place them indoors next to either of those fruits.