Tiny Tim Tomato

Name                     Tiny Tim Tomato

Botanical Name   Lycopersicon esculentum

Family                    Asphodelaceae

Native to                Tomatoes are native to South America  



Water                     Water when top inch of soil is dry

Sun                        Full sun 

Soil                         Normal, loamy and well-drained


Height                   12"

Width                    8-12

Space                    15"


6" pots:  $3.50


One Gallon Root Pouch:  $5.00


Clay pots and planters:  Prices vary


Tiny Tim is a compact, heirloom tomato that thrives in containers.  It has dark green leaves and bright, 4-ounce, red fruit.  Because of its size (no staking), it is one of the easiest tomato plants to grow for the home gardener.  Besides that, it is also a prolific producer and makes a great snack.

Will Tolerate &

Keeping in Going

  • Needs regular moisture 

  • Full sun produces the best fruit.  It will survive in part shade but will become leggy and produce less fruit.

  • Fertilize with organic fertilizer.  We use Neptune's Harvest.

Won't Tolerate

  • Drought

  • Cold temperatures

  • Water-logged soil

Points of Interest

  • Tiny Tim is an heirloom variety of tomato.  Heirlooms are varieties that have existed for at least 50 years (some people say more).  They have been saved by farmers and gardeners because of unique traits that are considered desirable.  

  • Tiny Tim's compact nature and size make it an ideal plant for small spaces and patio gardeners.