This purse is part of the “El Sah” series produced by Whiting and Davis during the Art Deco era.  Parts of the armor mesh were enameled to resemble the graphic strokes made in calligraphy.  The frame is angular with a diamond shaped ribbon pattern on the face.  The skirt is finished with a seven-point Van Dyke fringe.  As with many items during this era, it is very architectural.  The purse is carried with a chain made of small twisted links.


The interior is sans lining, but is in good condition.  On the inside, stamped on the frame, is the Whiting and Davis logo, while a small metal tag marked, “El Sah” (this particular line) is attached to the uppermost links close to the frame.


The purse is in decent vintage condition.  The frame has some wear and the lining is gone (maybe manufactured without a lining?).  The mesh and chain are in good vintage condition.


Antique Whiting and Davis "El Sah" Enameled Mesh Purse with Fringe

SKU: 125PB
  • Length:  6 1/2"

    Width:  3 1/2"

    Chain length:  6"

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