This beading plane was made from dense wood and stained a rich brown.  The company name, “W. Marples & Sons – Hibernia,” is engraved above a trio of three shamrocks.  Below that is the name, “E.H. Williams.”  That same name is engraved again on the other side of the plane.   The tool is in excellent condition; the blade is very sharp


W. Marples & Sons was located in Sheffield, UK, and began in 1821.  The company lasted for over 180 years.


Note:  The body has some surface scratches

W. Marples & Sons Antique Beading Plane

SKU: 200TP
  • Length: 9 1/2"
    Width: 3 3/8"
    Depth (widest part): 1 1/2"

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