Dated January 1, 1924, this sepia toned postcard depicts a flower vendor in the Cote D'Azure, France standing in front of her wares. Attached to the postcard is a vintage, enamel brooch colored a summery, sunshiny yellow.  The textured center is shaded a mellow white.  


The scrawling handwritten note is in French.  And although there is a cancelled stamp on the front, the postcard doesn't appear to have been addressed to anyone.    



This brooch may have a few nicks in the enamel - but is still considered good vintage condition.

The postcard has been pierced by the pin


Vintage French Postcard with Enameled Yellow Flower Brooch

SKU: 155RB
  • Brooch Dimensions
    Diameter:  2 3/4"


    Postcard Dimensions
    Length:  5 1/2"
    Width:  3 3/4"

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