The Cattaraugus Company was formed in 1882 by John Champlin and Tint, his son.  They studied the market to understand the shortcomings of other manufacturers and set a goal to create the highest quality cutlery for their time.  To do this, they hired the best craftsmen available from the US and as far away as Germany and England.  At that time, their methods were so successful that the company was determined to be the standard by which all other US manufacturers were measured.  The company eventually closed in 1963.


This Jack knife has a clip and a pen blade, both of which are still sharp.  The face of the handle is made from jigged bone, and was meant to imitate genuine stag. It is attached with small brass pins.  There is a hairline crack in the bone towards the tip that appears to be from the manufacturer.  The back of the knife is a metal blank with the same brass pins, two of which are missing. 


The knife was spot cleaned only.


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Vintage Cattaraugus Bone Stag Jack Knife

  • Length: 3 1/16"

    Width (widest point): 9/16"

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