Designed in the 1940’s, this army and navy needle book was designed with imagery from the US military.  The front has a navy ship pushing through the open sea.  A plane and an American eagle, flying low, are right beside it.  Printed on the back of the book is, “Highest Sewing Needles – Diamond Drilled Eyed Sharps,” and then in the margin, “Made in Japan.”  The book still contains five needles. 


With its vintage font and colorful graphics, the booklet is a charming example of 1940’s-style advertisement.


The exterior of the book is in good vintage condition except the edges are a little worn.  The interior has two spots where the top layer of paper has peeled off.  Some of the original needles are missing; there are 5 left.   

Vintage Army Navy Needle Book

SKU: 174C
  • Length:  4 1/8"
    Width:  2 5/8"

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