This antique lacis panel is a form of mondano, which is net lace with a knotted ground.  It is the type of lace, whose structure, and knotting techniques most closely resembles fishing nets.  Both written documents and paintings have recorded mondano lace as early as the 14th century.  In this panel, each square has been wrapped with thread and then a knot was tied in each corner.  The pattern, a series of flowers and leaves with a Greek style border, was made with the interlock stitch, which upon close inspection, looks like a small flower centered in each square.  The border is a super-fine, semi-transparent, fine-cotton cloth. 


This piece was purchased in England in the early 1990’s.  The vendor stated that it was a hand-made, vintage item.  It has very few flaws that we could see.  There were a few loose threads, one corner area where the mesh was broken (visible in first picture), and the edge along the outermost border is rippled.  But, the design is fully intact with no apparent discoloration.

Antique Mondano Lace Panel - Net Lace Panel

SKU: 127FR
  • Length:  19"

    Width:  3 1/2"

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