Whiting and Davis designed its first mesh purse in 1892 with small inter-joined rings.  By the 1920’s, their designs were coveted by celebrities and socialites and were the “must have” accessory. 


This Whiting and Davis change purse is made using one of their first techniques, interlocking rings.  It’s slinky and feels substantial in your hand.  The gold-toned frame has a gracefully, sloped arch and a pierced, “stencil” design of symmetrical branches with leaves.  It opens and closes with a twist and snap clasp. The Whiting and Davis is embossed on the interior frame.  


The purse's structure is very strong, and all the links are intact, but there is no lining and some discoloration on the metal links is visible (see pictures).

Antique Whiting and Davis Gold Mesh Change Purse

SKU: 132PB
  • Length: 3 1/4"
    Width: 3"


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