Besides having a market value, vintage sterling offers thoughtful craftsmanship, unique designs, and is a wonderful heirloom that can be passed down through the generations


This sterling vanity mirror was made during the early 1900’s.  It features a rectangular shaped mirror with scrolled corners.  The extra-long handle is flat on both sides and ends in the form of a cresset.  The neck is foliated and has a small amount of decorative scroll work. The striped pattern on the back of the mirror was achieved by alternating the finish from bright to satin.  A blank, oval cartouche was centrally place near the top edge.  “Sterling,” is stamped on the upper edge of the neck, directly under the mirror.


The mirror, whether it was backed by mercury, tin, or silver, is antiqued and has the classic signs of oxidation; this has not affected the reflective quality of the mirror.


Note:  Dings and dents are found throughout the piece, but mainly on the back of the mirror and the neck.  These can be repaired.

Antique Sterling Silver Vanity Mirror

  • Length: 1 1/4"

    Width (mirror frame): 4"

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