Besides having a market value, vintage sterling offers superior quality, thoughtful craftsmanship, and unique designs.  Sterling will develop a lustrous finish, when used daily, and is also dishwasher safe.


This sterling teaspoon was designed during the Art Nouveau era (1880’s-1890’s).  Its graceful, asymmetrical design features stylized vines, leaves, and at the tip of the handle, a flower in full bloom.  The silversmith used both repoussé and chasing to create this item, with thoughtful details on both the back and front.


It is marked “KW & S Sterling” on the neck (back) with the maker’s mark between the “W” and the ampersand. 


Note:  Since Art Nouveau's methods did not lend itself to mass production, many pieces made with sterling were fashioned completely by hand- with some pieces taking more than 90 hours to complete!

Antique Sterling Silver Spoon - Art Nouveau

  • Length: 5 3/8"


    Width of bowl (widest part): 1"   

    Width of base (widest part): 6/8"

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