This vintage kilim was woven using traditional wool on cotton weft fibers.  The main panel has six, eight pointed stars, each centered in a stepped dragon motif.  Bordering these are concentric bands of zig-zag water symbols.  The outermost edge was woven with a spike pattern centered in boxes of alternating color. 


The primary color palette used was rusty red, crimson, deep cerulean blue, a natural wool color, and salmon.  The secondary colors, which were used to accentuate a design, are sky blue, midnight blue, and chocolate.  Since the wool was hand-dyed, there is a gradation in color in many areas.  These subtleties express the difference between a commercial textile and one that was dyed and woven by hand.  


The colors have faded in some areas and there are tears in the center of the carpet, which were temporarily mended with duct tape (this is how they were brought to us).  We’ve seen vintage kilims mended with leather or blue jean patches, and when done well, have an artistic, rugged look that is quite charming.



Antique Kilim Carpet with Natural Vegetable Dye

  • Length:  92”

    Width:  47”

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