Egyptian motifs became widespread in Europe after Napoleon's military campaign led him to Egypt in the late 1700's.  Soon after, an Egyptian influence could be seen in architecture, art, and fashion, and was found in wealthy circles throughout Europe.  The fad eventually tapered off only to be revived over a century later with the discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922.  This discovery brought Egyptian artifacts back into vogue, with the new movement coined, "Egyptian Revival."  It also became one of the influencing factors in the Art Deco movement. This belt buckle is an example of an Egyptian Revival accessory.


The buckle was fashioned with an early plastic, not Bakelite, and was made using a mold.  The imagery impressed onto belt fastener is mostly from nature (feathers and petals), but is set in geometric shapes.  The back has a hook style clasp.    


Egyptian Revival Celluloid Belt Buckle - Art Deco Era

SKU: 197RB
  • Length:  3 1/2"
    Width (Octagon top):  1 1/2"
    Width of both buckles together:  3"

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