Baltic amber is a fossil resin that was formed from the sap of Pinites succinifer, a type of tree that resembled today’s pine or spruce.  People have, for millennia, used amber to fashion figurines, jewelry, handles for utensils, and other specialized objects.  It has been the subject of legends, used in rituals, and bestowed to kings.  So, what makes amber so special?  Besides its warm beauty, it captures life on the planet millions of years ago! 


This amber necklace was made in Prague, Czechoslovakia (before 1993), and comes with a certificate of authenticity.  The artisan used amber in shades of honey and cognac to create this princess length necklace.  It is shaped like a collar with the center coming to a soft point.  It is a fabulous piece, thoughtfully designed, in both color and form.   


It opens and closes easily with a screw clasp.


It is in excellent condition.

Baltic Amber Necklace - with Certificate of Authenticity

SKU: 464RB
  • Length:  17"



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