This powder and shot measure was patented circa 1886, by the Union Hardware Co. in Torrington Ct.  The steel top measures in drams for powder and in ounces for shot, with each type of measure marked on the slider.  The measure fits onto the wooden handle (like a sleeve) and is held in place with a small nail. 


To adjust the measure, twist the bottom of the cap so the "peg" is in the middle rather than in a groove, and then slide up or down.    


This item is in excellent condition.  The measure adjusts easily, the handle is fixed securely to the cap, and there are no major marks on the wooden handle.

1860's Antique Shot and Powder Measure

  • Length:  5 1/2"

    Diameter of Measure:  3/4"

    Height of Measure:  1 5/8"

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