Sweet Red Cherry Pepper



Botanical Name   


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Sweet Red Cherry Pepper


Capsicum annuum



Red Cherry peppers are native to Central and South America.  



Drought tolerant, but prefers regular waterings


Full sun with afternoon shade in hot weather

Well-drained, fertile soil





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This heirloom variety of Sweet Red Cherry Peppers bears fruit that is between 1-2" round, and looks like their name-sake (little cherries).  They have thick, sweet flesh and are popular for snacking, pickling, or grilling on skewers.  The plant will spread out almost as wide as it is tall and may need a stake, especially when fruiting.  They aren't super small plants, but they can be grown in a container which makes them patio / back porch perfect!

Will Tolerate &

Keeping in Going

  • Keep soil moist and well-drained

  • Cherry peppers prefer soil that is rich in organic matter (standard potting mix works fine).

  • May need afternoon shade in hot weather.  Overheated plants may drop their blossoms

  • Mulch for weed and pest control

  • Stake plant, especially when fruiting

  • Use fertilizer high in phosphorus and potassium, but low in nitrogen.  Nitrogen produces a bigger plant with less fruit.

To harvest: 

  1. Wait until peppers are firm and full.  You can pick them while still green, but best flavor happens when they are red.

  2. Snip pepper stems with a scissors.  Pulling them off may damage the plant.   

  3. The more you harvest, the more peppers the plant will produce.

Won't Tolerate

  • Don’t plant them in a bed where you have grown tomatoes, peppers or eggplant the year before.

  • They are drought tolerant, but watering regularly ensures a better harvest

  • When harvesting snip the stems with a scissors.  Pulling the fruit off may break the stem.

  • High nitrogen fertilizer.  This will result in big plants with green leaves and less fruit. 



Points of Interest

  • ​Red Cherry peppers belong to the Solanaceae or nightshade family. 

  • They contain vitamins C and A. 

  • Peppers have long been cultivated by the native people of Central and South America.  The Spanish and Portuguese explorers introduced them to the European market in the 15th and 16th centuries, and as their popularity grew many new cultivars were created.  Today, many cultures around the world enjoy peppers!     

This information was found on the following website:  Red Cherry Chile Peppers Information, Recipes and Facts (specialtyproduce.com)