Mint, Corsican (ornamental)


Botanical Name


Native to








Corsican mint, ornamental mint, creeping mint

Mentha requienii


Corsica and Sardinia, Italy but 

Keep soil moist - but not soggy

Full sun; part shade in hot climates - especially in afternoon (protect from direct, intense light and heat)

Must be well-drained





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  • A low-growing, creeping mint with small, bright, green leaves that emit a strong, minty aroma when bruised.  

  • Very small lavender flowers

Keeping it Going

  • Requires well-drained soil and consistent moisture - not soggy!

  • During winter months, allow soil to almost dry out.  Wet soil in winter will produce root rot.

  • Thin plants to avoid overcrowding

  • Corsican mint is a light feeder.  Give it a balanced water-soluble fertilizer 1x in Spring if necessary.  Over-fertilization will burn its roots.    

  • Thin plants to avoid overcrowding

Won't Tolerate

  • Drought (except in winter - allow soil to slightly dry out during colder months)

  • Soggy soil

  • Direct, intense heat and sun.  Morning sun is optimum in hot climates.

  • Extreme cold.  If planted outside, in a warmer zone, you can lightly mulch over the plant to protect it from frost.

  • Freezing temperatures



Points of Interest

  • The genus name, Menthe, comes from Greek mythology.  It was the name of a water nymph who was transformed, by Persephone, into a mint plant in revenge for having an affair with her husband, Hades.

  • Easily grown indoors (provide some sunlight)

  • Can be used:  As ground cover (stepping stones and other areas of light foot traffic); in containers; as a planting in stone walls; etc.

  • Edible:  Can be used to flavor drinks, ice cream and baked goods

  • Companion plant for the Brassica family.  It repels insect pests and may also improve the flavor of these plants.

  • Cut and come again 

  • Attracts beneficial insects and butterflies

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