Curry Plant

Name                     Curry Plant


Botanical Name   Helichrysum italicum syn.

Family                    Compositae, Asteraceae

Native to                Native to Mediterranean and grown throughout Europe.                                   Other species grow in Africa and Asia


Water                     Water when soil is dry

Sun                        Full sun

Soil                         Light, well drained soil


Height                   12-24"

Width                    3 feet

Space                    3 feet 

Curry Plant helichrysum-italicum.jpg


4" pots:  $2.20

6" pots:  $3.50

1 Gallon Root Pouch:  5.00


Clay pots and planters:  Prices vary


  • The Curry Plant has linear, silvery-gray leaves and clusters of yellow, button-shaped flowers, which appear in summer.  Although it is not the edible curry found on the spice rack, it is often planted in herb gardens because of it curry- like scent.  Besides being attractive, it is also a practical plant because it repels garden pests.  

Will Tolerate &

Keeping in Going

  • Does not need much attention

  • Drought tolerant once established

  • Thrives in poor to moderately fertile well-drained soil

  • Does well in coastal settings and rocky terrain

Won't Tolerate

  • Does not tolerate cold, wet winters

  • Strong, cold winds

  • Continuously wet soil



Points of Interest

  • Helichrysum means "everlasting" or "immortal".

  • Other common names include Italian Strawflower and Immortelle.

  • It is an "everlasting flower", meaning its papery petals retain their color and form when dried therefore, they are ideal in dried floral arrangements.

  • Curry plant is not a culinary plant (that is a different type of curry!).  It has      established itself as an herb because of its fragrance and its ability to repel      insects.

  • It naturally repels garden pests (insects and deer).  

  • Ideal for rock gardens, cottage and coastal landscapes, Mediterranean and prairie style gardens.