Mini Purple Basil

Name                     Mini Purple Basil

Botanical Name   Ocimum basilicum

Family                    Lamiaceae

Water                     When the top inch of soil is dry


Sun                           Full sun - Part Shade in hot weather & avoid afternoon sun


Soil                         Medium rich; well drained


Height                    8-9"

Width                     9-10"

Space                     9-10"

mini purple basil.jpg


4" pots:  $2.20

6" pots:  $3.50

1 Gallon Root Pouch:  5.00


Clay pots and planters:  Prices vary


  • Compact variety with purple leaves and spicy flavor

  • Great for pots and sunny windowsills

Will Tolerate &

Keeping in Going

  • Warm weather

  • Flourishes as a container plant

Won't Tolerate

  • Temperatures below 45 degrees F

  • May not survive in full sun in extremely hot weather.  Monitor for optimum placement in your garden

  • Water logged soil

  • Cutting into the woody part of stem



Points of Interest

  • Basil is originally from India

  • Historically, there have been many traditions and superstitions surrounding basil.  Those native to India held basil as a sacred herb, yet the Romans and Greeks believed it to be the courier of hardship.  In Crete, it represented unrequited love, but in other European cultures it represented the acceptance of love. 

  • Grow close to tomatoes;  it repels insects that feed on those plants

  • Attracts bees and butterflies

Uses:  Medicinal, culinary and aromatic.

  • Medicinal:  Fresh leaves can be rubbed on insect bites to relieve itching, made into cough syrups (with honey) for colds, inhaled steam from leaves can be used as a decongestant, essential oil makes an insect repellant 

  • Culinary:  Excellent paired with tomatoes and eggplant.  Add leaves towards the end of the cooking process to preserve the flavor.